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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 25, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> 8:00 now here on "good day, virginia". i'm jason caterina. here's what you need to know. temperatures in the 20s, 30s and 40s but with the gusty, gusty winds we're taking a big chunk and it actually feels like it's down in the teens and
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be prepared for those gusty winds all day today and even into the evening and the overnight before things start to calm down heading into tomorrow and blustery and chilly with the snow showers around especially in the mountains as we go around the day today. details in the full forecast coming up. "good day, virginia" returns right now. before i lost a good friend in the storm.reaching out to local least two of the presidential candidates will be in our region before super tuesday.protecting teenagers from themselves. looking at the toll of abusive relationships have on those just starting to date thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's
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i'm january keaton and i'm kyle benjamin. governor terry mcauliffe declared a state of emergency after severe storms on wednesday. four people are dead, including one person in appomattox county. wfxr's paris holmes joins us live in appomattox county where a press conference was held at the top of the hour. paris, what can you tell us? central virginia was not the only place virginia was
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central virginia was not the only place hit hard by the severe weather. take a look at the damage in waverly, that's not far from the petersburg area. investigators say a 2-year-old and two men were tossed from thier mobile home and killed tuesday afternoon. a curfew for the community
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and law enforcement have spent the night going door to door to make certain all residents are accounted for. desmond gardner/witness: it is nothing like this before i lost a good friend in the storm and my prayers go out to their family. the bodies of those killed have been sent to the medical examiner's office in norfolk for positive identification. four other buildings in waverly were destroyed by the moves across today into tonight. highpressure builds in by friday afternoon and then shifts to thesoutheast u.s. over the weekend....wind
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wfxr is your local election headquarters and at least two
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the white house are coming to our area ahead of tuesday's virginia primary. florida senator marco rubio is planning a campaign stop in the star city. according to "virginia for marco rubio," the rally is scheduled for sunday night at 8-30. doors will open at 7-30. right now a location has not been determined, but rsvps will be required for the event. we'll bring you the latest on rubio's visit as we get new information both on-air and online. donald trump will also be in southwest virginia, just one day before virginians cast their ballots in virginians cast their ballots in the state presidential primary. according the republican candidate's online schedule, he will speak at noon on monday at radford university's dedmon center. the campaign searched for venues in salem and roanoke large enough to hold the rally. but none were apparently available. the dedmon center
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for president website says no more tickets are available. virginia beach appearing at a candidates forum at regent university. while trump was sitting down with pat robertson at the event, the rest of the republican candidates joined fox's megan kelly for a town hall meeting in houston.but that didn't mean the republican front runner was wasn't one of the main topics of discussion. jackie ibanez :08-:22:32-:51:59-1:12 1:16-1:231:24 - 1:35 the candidates for president joined fox news for a town exception:kelly says: donald trump has a conflicting campaign event tonight in virginia, we did offer to let him join us by sat--he does!----by satellite but his campaign said his schedule would not allow it. they were very polite and cordial." megyn kelly's first guest was texas senator ted cruz who reached into his quiver and immediately started firing arrows at donald trump:cruz says: "well, listen, there has never been a candidate like donald trump." / "if you look nationally, in the head-to-head polls, donald consistently loses to hillary, i and tune in to fox news.jackie ibanez primaries. in new york...
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and tune in to wfxr news- your local election headquarters- this sunday at 7 for a presidential primary special. we want to make sure you're prepared to cast your vote come super tuesday. coming up- it's teen dating week.what an area organization is doing- to make sure kids
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february is teen dating violence awareness month. according >> kyle: february is dating violence awareness month. according to the department of justice, 1 in every 3 teenagers will experience some type of abuse in their romantic relationships. sophia shows us what one area high school is doing to combat that problem and educate students. >> reporter: it's a problem teens face every day. unhealthy relationships can take a toll physically, mentally and emotionally. high school senior kelsey lowe says she hasn't experienced it school. >> and there are students i walk the hall with.
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>> it's not just romantic but it's the relationship whether it's with your family or where you work. whatever it is. >> reporter: students about healthy relationships with the wheel of trust and the new river women resource center. >> everyone hangs out with their friends and it just gets people talking. >> reporter: students find the stop dating violence pledge and also receive this card to remind them that they pledged not to physically, mentally or verbally abuse their boyfriend or girlfriend. >> they may just think that's normal. that person loves me and that's how we talk and act and that's not how it should be. >> students say social media can contribute to an unhealthy relationship. >> so there are apps and social media websites and people can get in danger and harm other people.
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be a teenager nowadays. >> they say it's a good way for teens to know they have support with relationships. for "good day, virginia", i'm sophia birelli. >> january: now the internet plays a big role in the lives of teenagers as we know. growing up with social media can have an impact on teenage girls. "american girls: social media and the secret lives of teenager" author has found it changed the way social media has changed how girls are growing up. >> social media changed everything about teenage life. social media is an unprecedented thing in human life and to be a kid now is to be on social media a lot of the time. some studies say up to 11 hours a day kids are on phones, tablets, computers. so it is just the whole country migrated there and it's where they live and parents really need to become informed about what the apps are and what is
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didn't grow up with this and didn't know what it is for them. >> i agree with that. we find that the older generation can't believe how obsessed we are with the devices. i know girls are on their devices up to 11 hours a day! much of it on social media where they'll tell you they often get their validation from. a lot of these girls get on there and feel pretty or thin or what not. why is this a problem when it comes to girls' self-esteem? >> well, social media, i think as it is now, encourages the sexualization of girls because they want likes. they want flowers. and either it's sexualization or beautification. they take selfies and use apps to make themselves look "/unquote better. to attract more likes and followers and more friends and there's a popularity contest that revolves around how you look. it's all about how you look and being beautiful and
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and is this really what we want girls to be spend their time thinking about and doing? we want them to feel vailidated to whether or not they're a good person or kind person or whether they can play a sport or instrument, you know, whatever it is about them that makes them special. so much pressure now put through social media on just their appearance has tremendous consequences for them and this is really well established in a lot of studies. it can make them feel very anxious, depressed. it can lead to cutting, eating disorders. all kinds of really adverse outcomes. >> reporter: and not to mention the online world that teenage girls inhabit is full of sexual and racy and graphic images. what effect is that having on young women? >> it's affecting the sexualization of culture on
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way all girls and boys view sex and sexuality and i think that one of the big problems is too young. teachers and administrators and parents say there is no more childhood. childhood is gone. they're just exposed to everything now and from explicit to pornographic kind of images online. and i think this is something that we really need to start talking about as parents. what effect this is having on our kids' behavior. a lot of girls told me it was affecting relationships. well, this is experience romance and crushs and heartbreak. >> i know it's important for parents to stay involving with media activity. what do they need to do and how can parents join this fight?
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to start talking about them the way you ask them what happened in school today. ask them what happened in social media today and become informed about what these apps are and what goes on on them. >> reporter: that's very good advice. thank you so much for joining us for "good day, virginia", news that parents definitely can all use. thank you, nancy. >> thank you. >> jason: well, if you're just heading out, what you need to know. very cold outside. feels like teens and 20s for many of us around the region with the strong winds throughout the day today. you'll need to make sure you
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>> jason: 8:22. thanks for sticking with us. i'm wfxr meteorologist jason caterina. tomorrow will be a breeze. no pun intended. sorry, that was bad. a lot of boos in the studio. i really didn't mean that. it just kind of came out. blustery and cold one for us. or at least feeling cold. mountains and snow showers with a little light accumulation. with that we have ourselves the winter weather advisory and the weekend looking up for in time with nice weather on the way and feeling colder with the wind up in hotsprings and 20 mile per hour wind in roanoke and 25 in whitville
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and keep a good firm grimgrip on the steering wheel and give a wide birth because that gusty withstand will knock it around with that going up and down 81. the actual temperature feels like it's down in the lower teens and near 40 mph winds and that is in bloomfield and witville and down to 29 in roanoke. so the very chilly feel to the day today with that wind advisory up and down 81. 64 and 77 so please be very careful out on the watch out! we have a lot of branches likely to see stuff falling down so may encounter pretty large limbs and sticks and stuff on the roads in the region throughout the day today. also -- excuse me, the winter weather advisory for the
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is where you find the heavier accumulations with the western-facing slopes with a couple of inches tops and western the gusty winds going to see it continue through the region and mainly tol storm starting to pull on oust here and replaced with high pressure moving on into the weekend and brings in sunny skies and eventually compee temps. you see the snow showers on the east side of the mountains with the mix of sun and clouds and sunshine tlou the day and that is with rain showers micking in in spots and that's all through the evening and overnight on friday and much better day as far as snow snow showers for the western-facing slopes and temperatures in the mid30s on the roanoke valley into the
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into the upper 40s and low 50s and it will feel significantly colder than that. right now the 7-day forecast as we go through tomorrow, it will be a little colder. if that cold air continues to settle in for the wake of the storm and moving on into saturday and sunday we start to warm up and sunday looking with the temperatures near 60 and sunshine. >> and thankfully warm up gradually and not that abrupt heating we saw yesterday that sparked a whole other storm. >> jason: we had that wedge place yesterday and woness it broke down everything broke loose. as a forecast it hoses us from time to time. >> january: thank you. you can get your news and weather first on do you love to shop? >> kyle: who doesn't? >> january: that's another question. and figure out what it would cost if you bought one item of everything available on amazon!
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much that you've probably never pondered. how much would it cost to buy >> it's a question you probably never pondered but i asked once or twice. what would it cost if you bought everything offered on amazon? >> january: the answer is almost 13 billion dollars according to a computer scientist in zurich who says he does brain-relate research for a living. he first determined there were 479 million different items available on amazon's website. he did it in 2015. that's a lot!
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of the item was about $27. >> kyle: pretty decent bargain. the questions he tackled how much would it realistically cost to build an emperial class and how much money attempted to being spent bringing matt damon back. >> and the woman said bring matt damon back from distance places. he does all kinds of what would it take -- >> kyle: a lot of money rescue matt damon from where he found himself stranded. world war ii, mars.
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>> januar >> good morning. welcome to "good day, virginia". it is chilly and windy with the temperatures in the 20s and 30s. feeling more like the teens and 20s when you factor in the gusty, gusty winds. it's going to be tough and keep a good firm grip on the steering wheel and good truck and extra safe out there on the roads. blustery and chilly all day long with the mountains and snow showers and that's accumulating and because of that the winter weather advisory. i'll tell you about that and the weekend forecast coming up.
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right now. and i'm kyle benjamin. governor terry mcauliffe declared a state of emergency after severe storms on wednesday.four people are dead, including one person in appomattox county. wfxr's paris holmes joins us live in appomattox county. paris,
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the powerful storm system caused problems for much of the eastern u-s.governor mcauliffe declared a state of emergency here in virginia. janice dean has more on the destruction this storm brought with it. severe weather threatening more than eighty-eight million americans wednesday night.... with potential for tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail... the town of waverly, virginia especially hard hit... with at least five buildings damaged by a suspected tornado. downed trees and debris closed the roads in and out of the town...a challenge for first responders.trooper says: "the debris is very heavy at this time and it is all over the place - so we are still trying to get rescue to certain places." high winds also knocking over trees further south. this one hit a taxi in columbia, south carolina.joseph reed / taxi driver: "i didn't see it. i don't even know exactly where it came from. all i'm saying is i'm thankful that i'm alive." meantime, the midwest ...hit with heavy snow wednesday...with blizzard warnings issued in parts of indiana and illinois... creating dangerous road conditions. a winter weather threat extending from michigan through upstate new york and new england. all this, just a day after at least ten tornadoes from the same system hit the gulf coast... leaving hundreds of homes in louisiana, mississippi and florida dozens
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people dead there. fl gov says: "we've been told that so far we strong upper level trough moves across today into tonight. high
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thesoutheast u.s. over the weekend....wind advisory in effect until 7 am est friday... a traffic alert this morning for drivers in giles county. a rock slide has
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also known as cascade drive. the slide occurred about three miles north of route 460 in pembroke. right now, one lane of route 623 is back open. work will continue later this morning to remove additional debris and get that other lane back up and running. people trying to stop the move of some historic slave homes will be taking action today in botetourt county.we will tell you what they are doing next... when good day
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>> kyle: happening right now the group pushing to stop two historic slave dwellings from being relocated say they're planning another protest at the site. right now as a matter of fact. the representative from the plantation group says the county's actions over the last few days prompted this morning's protest and the group made the proposal including the offer of $40,000 to keep the locations. crews moved one of the buildings earlier this week. the second slave building is scheduled to be moved today. wfxr news is your local headquarters and fresh off the victory from the caucus in
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he sat down with the region foundary and televangelist pat robertson speaking on the variety of items including immigration and what he'd like in a vice president. and he said the names are down to 5 and likely has political experience. >> i want to get lots of great legislation we all have and going for years and years and years and things so good and including proper health care and we're going to choose someone somewhat political. >> kyle: donald trump will be in the new river valley. he's holding a ralliad radford university center. ticks we're told are already sold out. >> and hillary clinton could be the first female president and does face major challenges including concerns over the way they sent e-mail.
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closer look at clinton's experience. >> and it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. we'll build ladders of opportunity in their place so every american can go as far as your hard work can take you. >> reporter: hillary clinton already knows her way around the white house. the former first lady bill clinton and going for the estate-year-old grandmother served as senator of new york and worked as learn and professor. it was an attorney on the congressional committee that investigated president nixon. clinton said she will reform the campaign finance rules and it is for the solar and wind power to protect the environment. they call for the justice overhaul, body cameras and fewer private prisons. the local advocates and clinton promises to beef up background checks.
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care act and push for paid family and medical leave. hillary also says she will for minorities and lgbt americans. discrimination goes against everything we stand for as a country. i'm running for president. stand up. >> reporter: doug waddell, wfxr news. >> january: hillary clinton plans to open an office here in roanoke ahead of super tuesday. >> jason: the clouds around in blacksburg right now and deal with the mix of clouds and sun and the snow showers and very gusty winds throughout the day
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th >> jason: 8:48 on wfxr. we look towards the roanoke and blacksburg regional airport. that's a mouthful. sorry about that. we'll have very gusty winds throughout the day today and it is colder temperatures that actually are here in the sunshine and it's 39 and it's the 29 mph wind and pressure is on the rise as high pressure starts to build on in for us throughout the day today. the temperatures are making their way into the middle 40s for highs that is 6-7 short of normal for us. and we'll be well to normal over the next couple of days. out in blacksburg, very similar story with lots of clouds out there right now. could be a few snow showers off there in the distance. we'll be looking at a few snow showers in the new river valley
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as well into the highlands. temperatures peaking near 40 currently. should see some sun as we head into the afternoon. the temperature at 40 and the wind not nearly as strong there. the wind advisory in play for much of the region as we go throughout the day tonight and tomorrow and talking 50 mph gusts at times. we've seen sustained winds at 30-45 mph in hotsprings and the temperatures in lynchburg this afternoon climbing well into 30-40-50 and it is to get that sun out in lynchburg this afternoon. it's blustiery and cold with that winter weather advisory and the slopes and much quieter as we head on into the weekend. the temperatures around the region 20s, 30s and 40s and factoring in the gusty winds and there's a 35 mph sustained
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and almost the 30 mph sustained wind in witville. it takes those temperatures down into the teens and there's the wind advisory good until tomorrow morning with the winter weather advisory and the couple of inches of snow possible and the snow showers coming around and some of that stuff making it up and over the ridge line trying to spill over onto the west side and most will be combined to the west facing slopes throughout the day today. with the north westerly flow continuing and that big area of low pressure off to the north and this is that storm that swung through yesterday and brought all the trouble and continues to move out and we'll continue with the snow showers in the higher elevation through the rest of the day. around the roanoke valley today the temperatures in the mid40s with the mix of sun and clouds. quite blustery and making it feel significantly colder than it originally is. 40 to 50 in central virginia and doubting the same story and
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30s for most of us with the blustery winds and snow showers. it's a very chilly day and over the next couple of days, condition will improve after tomorrow with cold temperatures onto in the 30s and 40s, but then 60s by the end of the weekend. guys? >> kyle: thank you, jason. it may be february but a lot of people will go swimming this weekend in redford. >> january: that's correct! people will be braving the brisk water at the park for the polar mruj fund raiser. the event is hosted by ratford university and the ratford police department. now the plunge, as you know, sends participants into the frigid cold new river all in the effort to raise money for special olympics virginia. >> we have hundreds of athletes that just finished competing at the mazive basketball tournament in the coliseum. we had a lost people see them play and practice and then sign up to plunge because they know
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>> january: these crazy water babies are trying to raise 60,000 dollars for the event. $40,000 is raised so far. kyle? >> kyle: thank you, january. time for the furry friend segment. gina gray is here like every larkin? >> larkin. morning? >> yes. larkin is a 3-year-old rescued last friday. she was within hours of being euthanized due to space. so smiles forever pull her and she's been at the kennel since then playing with other dogs, around cats, around people and the amazing dogs. >> and then it is through. sdm, and you can see the german
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she's an absolutely pretty dog. and closer shot with the markings and she's striped >> she is. it's the brindle part and that's very rare as well. the blue brindle. for sure. she loves to ride in the car and she's a little pully on the leash right now because i don't think she's used to one but that could come with just basic training. and then it is going to work in that. >> and then she's relatively calm and laying down before and back on air. and looking around. >> and very treat motivated and very basic commands and very teachable and eager to learn. now her adoption fee this week is being sponsored. and landscape has been generous enough to sponsor her so as soon as we get applications approved she can go to the new home. however she does need to be spayedy so maybe a foster to adopt to get her to adopt and then have her spayed and
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>> kyle: there are plenty of low cost. >> we would do that through the rescue. >> kyle: the sponsorship covers the cost? >> it does. >> kyle: so you can adopt -- who again? >> larkin. >> kyle: and larkin is available to a good home and basically she's just literally you need food and bowls! >> exactly. she's gorgeous but check her out on smiles forever facebook page. you can go to smiles forever animal and you can donate and submit applications and my 31 campaign fund raiser ends tomorrow. please go on the website. check out 31 and click under the party for smiles forever and shop, shop, shop to help as many as possible. >> kyle: thank you. and we'll have the information
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8:57 am as soon as >> kyle: that does it here for us on thursday's "good day, virginia". >> jason: it is cold on friday. >> kyle: we'll see you tomorrow starting at 5. captioning provided by: u.s. captioning company, depere, wi (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> maury: this february on "maury" -- when cheaters leave evidence.
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>> extra large condoms. i knew they were >> maury: extra bizarre. his tongue had lie bumps. expect the unexpected. >> no! >> maury: ashley is convinced jeremy is cheating with her sister consuela. and her sister sierra. and her sister angelicekaangeleka. >> all three, maury. >> maury: is this a family affair? >> nothing wrong hanging out with him. >> i have standards, maury. >> maury: you have standards? >> yeah. >> maury: really? >> never. >> maury: stay tuned for the shocking answer. ashley just found out the man she loves -- >> he fails, i'm done. >> maury: is a member of five different online dating sites. lynn is convinced richard is cheating. >> he had another woman in our house.


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